Conspiracy theorists and how to deal with them

Firstly, this is not an academic paper, it's merely some preliminary ideas. Secondly, it's not meant to be persuasive. It's just a few considerations which may clarify. What causes conspiratorial thinking? In order to believe a proposition or statement, like "London is in England", you have to either take the statement on faith or on evidence; just as one takes, for example, the question of the existence of God on faith or on evidence. In the case of conspiracy theorists, they seem to be initially taking things on evidence, because they cite evidence in support of their claims. However, and what is particularly interesting about conspiracy theorists, is that they seem to have unshakeable faith in their chosen conspiracies, once they have settled upon them. That is, they become immune to evidence thereafter, specifically counter-evidence, and thus, we can argue, they become more faith-based once they have selected the theory that in their view, best accounts for th

Job creation 1. She's right that jobs in and of themselves are not the solution, because someone has to create those jobs. It is not sustainable forever to make them all government jobs. As it is, I think we probably have more than enough bureaucrats, speaking as one myself who is due to finish his current role and then be unemployed myself. The point is, those government salaries are paid by the tax income from treasury which obviously comes from citizens paying tax. At some point, the tax income will be too low to pay those salaries. I think we are already at that point. 2. If we want private sector to create jobs we have to have an enabling environment for private sector and entrepreneurship. But red tape and costs of patents, making a new company, setting up a website, etc., are out of the reach of almost all but 10% of this country, which effectively keeps the wealth tr

The right to ownership of one's own likeness

  Proposal to United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Pre-empting the problem of Deepfake videos Background We presently stand on the edge of an abyss in which social media threatens to uproot our world order and cast us into chaos, as we see with the recent attacks (6 January 2021) on the American Capitol by conspiracy theorists incentivised on social media. Deepfake videos are motion pictures that are created to look like they depict the actions and words of an existing person, usually a celebrity, but which contain content, words or actions which were not performed by that person and which may impugn on their dignity. For example, to demonstrate the seriousness of the problem, the creators of the television satire series “South Park”, created a video called “Sassy Justice” presented by someone who looks like Donald Trump. The video also features the likenesses of Al Gore, Ivanka Trump, and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook all making uncharacteristically exaggerated remarks. For example, i